The Pods - Hell Or High Water

A weekend of live art celebrating life’s transitions with tales of adversity, survival and inevitable transformation. Due to Covid-19 restrictions now adapted into a digital event available for audiences to experience and explore entirely online.

10 artists were specially commissioned to respond to the historic lightship LV21 a 40 metre steel-hulled lightship moored on the River Thames in Gravesend and the theme of Hell or High Water.

“My initial proposal for Hell or High Water was to develop my work along the theme of isolation which became much more relevant this year. I love the space inside the Light Vessel 21 ship and particularly the area beneath deck, which to me resembles the images of spacecraft from sci-fi in TV and film. Ships are so closely tied to how we view space travel through the lens of sci-fi, we picture spacecraft slowly gliding through space like boats.For Hell and Highwater I use the lower deck as a space to explore and extend my work inspired by sci-fi themes, isolation and the alien figure. Using the air receiver tanks as a starting point for the work as to me they resemble the isolation helmet designed by sci-fi pioneer Hugo Gernsback, editor of Science and Invention magazine. I picture these spaces as isolation booths or container pods for the work I made for the show.”

A Facefilter is featured inside The Pods in the video for you to try on the look of the creatures hiding in them at home. To access this Facefilter function log in with your Instagram or Facebook account to:

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Shown in :

Hell Or High Water Online show due to Covid restrictions for LV21, St Andrews Quay, Gravesend, Kent (UK)
20 - 22 November 2020

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