Rotadraw Records

Rotadraw Records are used on a turntable and the holes are drawn through to create an illustation. This piece of work is presented as a video to show how the Rotadraw Records created by the artist work.
This piece of work is also used as performance art; Sarah Doyle has shown this piece at the London Biennale as a performance. The piece was also shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 03.
Rotadraw Records are based on a children’s drawing toy. Toys are a reoccurring feature in Sarah Doyle's work and act as a representative of the transitional periods in life and the transitional objects we attach to these periods. Objects to which we attach our security and value because of this.

Medium : Video / performance piece - vinyl record, pen, paper, record deck
Size : Variable – video, 12” vinyl records

Shown in: 

Remote Control Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham (UK)
10 July – 4 Sept 2004

Jerwood Drawing Prize 03 touring exhibition starting in Jerwood Space, London (UK)
20 Oct – 28 Nov 2003

Xhibit 03, The London Institute Gallery, London (UK)
20 May – 26 June 2003

London Biennale 291 Gallery, London (UK)
14 – 16 August 2002

Fish Island Event, Space Studios, London (UK)
11 May 2002

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