Purple Rain

This piece of work is made from a children’s toy, it depicts the iconic image of the rock star Prince from his Purple Rain album cover.
This piece of work is attached to the ceiling using invisible thread and hangs in the space. There are two separate layers to this image – the Prince part and smoke in the background are made separately – so that the hanging piece appears to be 3D. This piece of work also glows in the dark...

Medium : Hama beads, invisible thread
Size : 36cm x 40cm

Shown in :

Fanclub, Rosy Wilde, London (UK)
29 Nov – 21 Dec 2003

Come On You Intellectuals!, Deptford X, London (UK)
21 June - 6 July 2003

Purestarproducts, Tatty Devine, London (UK)
21 March – 8 April 2002

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