Prince Room 

A lot of my work was put together for the Fanclub exhibition at Rosie Wilde gallery in 2003; the Prince Room was the result of this.
There are 100 Portraits of prince on the bedroom walls along with an illustrated Prince Duvet Cover as well as Prince Pillows and my piece Purple Rain suspended from the ceiling. This is the first time the 100 Princes was shown in a gallery. (There is a series of these pieces - 100 Princes 100 Michael Jacksons and 100 Madonnas)

Medium : Bed, Duvet Cover, Colouring Book Paper, Felt tip, Blue Tack, Pillows, Hama Beads

Size : Variable (roughly 294cm x 84cm) Each picture approx – 21cm x 29.5cm

Shown in :

Fanclub Rosy Wilde, London (UK)
29 Nov – 21 Dec 2003 

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