I've looked at clouds that way

Fairytale castles mixed together with inner city buildings and towerblocks. The world as it really appears combined with the fantasy of the fairy story. The images are childlike and playful and invite the you into a fantasy landscape mutated with towerblock castles daubed with graffiti and satellite dishes. The fairy stories linger from childhood mixing with the reality of adulthood.

The graffitied nickname is a reoccurring image in Sarah Doyle's work.

Using names generally drawn from social networking sites such as Myspace. These are the often the names given to themselves by teenaged girls as alter egos. A castle in a dream may also represent feelings of security, protection, isolation or remoteness. In Monarch Programming castles symbolise awareness of your own individuality

Medium : Fabric
Size : 70x70x35cm

Shown in :

Big Deal No.5 Q Park, Cavendish Square, London (UK)
17th - 20th October 2013

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