Following In Father's Footsteps,
sung by Miss Vesta Tilley

In 1899 Vesta Tilley laid the foundation stone for the Camberwell Palace Of Varieties, which stood at 23-31 Denmark Hill. At this time Camberwell boasted around half a dozen theatres or cinemas. The day she laid the foundation stone she is reported to have said that she would be “delighted to sing the first song in the new Palace of Varieties”*
This film was created as part of Camberwell Arts Festival 2016 “Metamorphosis” project and features a song by the Music Hall star Vesta Tilley. She was one of the foremost musichall acts of her day and started her male impersonation act at the age of only 5 years old. Vesta Tilley personifies metamorphosis, an enduring icon, her influence can still be felt today.
*Quote from the theatrical paper the Era, 8th July, 1899
This film has been supported by the Camberwell Arts Festival (11th – 19th June 2016)

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