Falling In Love With Greta Garbo

The moment John Gilbert falls in love with Greta Garbo onscreen. He was a massive star at the time and her fame eventually eclipsed his. It was said that he lost a lot of his popularity when the talkies came out his voice wasn't as manly as the girls who swooned over him had expected. Although it was most probably due to the fact that the studio boss Louis B Mayer apparently hated him.

I love the scene where he and Garbo first set eyes on each other and had wanted to make an animation of his reaction to seeing her beauty for a while. The animation is a looped reaction shot of a man falling in love.

The film John Gibert starred in with Greta Garbo was called "Flesh and The Devil"

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The Dream Machine Transition Gallery at Sluice Art Fair, Tanner Street, London (UK)
19 - 20 October 2013
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