Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green

This film was created as part of Camberwell Arts Festival “Transported’ project and features a song by the Music Hall star Gertie Millar. Popular in the 1900’s she was once described by Noel Coward "I adore her and in my memory she is clearly the most graceful and charming artiste I have ever seen."

The festival by Camberwell Arts runs from Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd June 2013, and represents and promotes the diverse cultural geographies of Camberwell.

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'Transported' combines the idea of travel with the psychological transformations that art can bring about. Reflecting the historic role of the arts in Camberwell, it looks at the capacity of art to transport us, suspend disbelief and generate alternative realities. Making connections and journeys around Camberwell, 'Transported' will draw together the work and ideas of participating artists in order to showcase the local arts scene, engage new audiences in the arts and reflect the cultural diversity of the Camberwell area.

The song Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green was popular in the Music Halls of London in the 1900s, when Camberwell was a go to destination for the two large music halls based there.

There is no longer a direct route from Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green. (Elephant and Castle being the interchange point to catch a bus to Chalk Farm). The project for Camberwell Arts Festival includes posters for the video Chalk Farm Camberwell Green in local tube stations and on bus stops in Camberwell.
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