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Animation created for the readings of the book 'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel'. The animation features Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie, Maddox Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s heads spinning. All of the drawings in the animation are taken from paparazzi photographs of the celebrities in question.

'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel' is a new beautiful limited edition book that combines a short story by Amy Prior with original artwork by Sarah Doyle. The book is an artistic transformation of the story's trashy inspiration: the tabloid press and bad Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Their work is especially inspired by extensive, conflicting but supposedly 'true-life' articles about the private lives of several well-known Hollywood actors - and also (interchangeably) by some of the similar fictional characters they play in Hollywood film.

For a year Amy and Sarah gathered more than a hundred celebrity magazines, hung out in chain video stores and multiplex cinemas they never normally visited, scanned obsessive film fan sites online. Sarah made drawings; Amy worked with some of these - and also magazine photos, movie stills and dialogue, small 'true life' details from articles, quotes from interviews - to help her imagine a fictional story.

This book is the result: a glamorous 'object d'art' that takes celebrity onto a new level.

Shown in:

Whitechapel Late Nights Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK)
3 May 2007

Upset the Rhythm Text-based Show Nog Gallery, London (UK)
26 April 2007

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