Best Friend

This piece was created for the Love and Bullets exhibition at Transition gallery for Valentines Day. I used Elizabeth Duke Jewellery in Argos catalogue to illustrate the theme of love. . The jewellery that teenagers give to each other to show that they care.

The Love’n’Bullets show at Transition Gallery was a revolutionary 7 hour show of Love N Bullets themed Diptychs. Every 30 minutes each Love and each Bullet panel (which was hung during by the artists themselves, in a location of their choosing) was be repositioned in relation to one another to form a continuously changing selection of works. Viewers were invited to don the pink fluffy ‘art handlers’ gloves and try their hand at curating.

Medium : Argos catalogue pages, fabric, card adhesive
Size : 40x40cm

Shown in:

Love’n’Bullets, Transition Gallery, London (UK)
13 – 15 Feb 2004

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