100 Madonnas

100 portraits and writing about Madonna drawn in Felt tip pen onto colouring in book paper – there is also an accompanying video which features myself putting up each illustration with blue tack onto bedroom walls which was played alongside the illustrations. The work is shown with each image blue tacked on to the wall of the gallery.

Medium : Colouring book pages, felt tip pen
Size : Variable - Each picture approx 21cm x 29.5cm

Shown in:

Jackson, Madonna, Prince Trade Gallery, Nottingham (UK)
19 June - 3 July 2010

Feel Pop = Feel Rich In assoiciation with Surface 2 Air, And A, Tokyo (Japan)
4 – 16 May 2004

Purestarproducts Tatty Devine, London (UK)
21 March – 8 April 2002

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